New Muji storage

On a recent trip to Singapore, I purchased a few Muji acrylic units to store my makeup collection. Well, part of it anyway, if this quiz is anything to go by. Everyone knows that a beautiful makeup collection needs equally beautiful storage, right?? Despite half of my luggage filled up with these heavy clear boxes, it was totally worth it when I finally arranged my makeup in it when I touched down in Australia.

So let’s get started with this super cute mirror I ordered from Urban Outfitters a few months ago. I thought it would be the perfect addition to my all-white vanity (please forgive the bad lighting). I hung a pair of earrings from Forever New on the side too, to remind me to wear them!


I purchased the 2 drawer small acrylic drawers and stacked them on top of 4 more medium acrylic drawers (in sets of 2) and a large acrylic drawer that’s a bit deeper than the others. As you can see  from the images, the top 2 hold my mostly high end lipsticks, the next 3 hold blushers, the next one holds bronzers/highlighters and the bottom contains some of my smaller eyeshadow palettes.


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Stylish travel makeup bags

Lately I’ve been obsessed with makeup pouches and bags, particularly those for travel. Why settle for a boring PVC case when you jazz it up with cute patterns and stylish designs? Here are my picks.

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DIY makeup brush rolls

If you’re anything like me and love personalising nearly everything you own, why not try and DIY a makeup brush roll? Most are made from fabric and exude a cute, homespun vibe. They would be great for travelling since purchased makeup brush rolls tend to be made out of leather and are thicker, while fabric rolls take up less space.

Here are some links to make your own brush roll – I’d attempt it if I had a sewing machine.





















  • Really advanced (it’s waterproof, too!) – Sew 4 Home


[Image from the respective websites]