Touch-ups at work

When I’m at work, I can feel a little ‘blah’ sometimes so I like to keep a touch up station nearby.

Touchup bag

Above, I have my Neutrogena hand cream, which does wonders for dry and chapped skin. I’ve never experienced a texture like that before in hand creams – it’s white but spreads balm-like and doesn’t feel greasy at all!

I also like to spritz myself with some green tea and grapefruit and cedar body spray, from Bench (a Philippines brand that is only found in the Philippines and the US unfortunately). The scent is so fresh, with a peppery/woodsy hint. i haven’t smelt anything like this before. Love it!

And then I have my trusty Maybelline Baby Lips in Protecting Berry, a NYC limited edition. I have around 3-4 tubes of Baby Lips and leave them everywhere, from home to work to the car and handbag…

Lastly, my pressed powder – Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder in Peche. I never leave the home without this, ever. I apply powder intermittently throughout the day with the Too Faced Flatbuki brush (once part of The Bronzed & the Beautiful set).

I have a few more ‘essentials’ stowed in my drawer, such as Panadol, a brown eyeshadow quad and a couple of brushes) but they’re nothing special.

Hope everyone had a great valentine’s day yesterday! I already went to Sydney last week for an early V-Day present, so we kind of kept it low-key yesterday with a homecooked meal (I made my boyfriend sushi).