Review: Eve Lom Moisture Mask

This is how my lunch break normally goes on Fridays. After having a nice quick meal nearby, I wander into Mecca Cosmetica (which is literally around the corner from work) to have a look at the latest products and trends.

Sometimes I get dazzled by the packaging and cave in, which is totally natural because a) I not only work in marketing but b) I also work in the beauty industry. But I always think that one should try new products outside one’s normal remit – and hence – I end up purchasing some cream or lipstick I might not even need.

This vicious cycle was no exception last Friday when I chanced upon a jar of Eve Lom Moisture Mask (RRP $145). I had been looking for a hydrating mask for some time but wasn’t able to find any good ones on the market that actually did the job and was more than just glorified vaseline.

IMG_0368 IMG_0369

The shop assistant recommended this mask, as well as a Darphin one for half the price. But the Darphin one felt a bit too sticky and needed to be washed off, whereas the Eve Lom one can just be “tissued off” or rubbed into the skin. Plus, it felt really soothing and unsticky on the back of my hand.

BUT – it is not just an ordinary mask – it’s like caviar for your face!

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