6 of the best bronzers


Bronzers are essential makeup items for most people as they have the ability to liven up a dull complexion and impart that healthy, sunkissed glow most of us aren’t born with. For me, bronzer is perfect for adding colour back into the face after applying foundation and powder and for evening out any noticeable difference in colour between the neck and face.

But not all bronzers are made alike. There are 3 things I need in a bronzer: it needs to be matte, non-orangey and not too dark or light. The best bronzer on me is usually a medium toned brown with minimal orange undertones.

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What to pack for… A winter weekend getaway

what to pack for a winter weekend

Have you ever found yourself at a loss to what to pack when faced with an upcoming holiday or vacation? I’ve been there, done that and after countless trips involving a moment of agony when I realised I forgot to pack moisturiser, or worse, my entire makeup bag, I feel like I’ve learnt my lesson when it comes to packing.

And yes, I did actually leave my entire makeup bag behind by accident before a weekend trip to Sydney, meaning that I had to depend on the ONLY makeup item in my hand carry, which was a black pencil eyeliner. I even used it to do my brows.

So, because of these unpleasant memories, I’m going to start doing a “What to pack” series each week, so that you’ll never have to forget a single item again!

This week is what I would pack when going away for the weekend in winter…

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Beautybay.com haul: Edward Bess, Art Deco and more!


There are few things better than coming home sweaty from the gym after an intense toning class to find a package waiting for you on the kitchen table… And even better when you find out it’s not a bill but stuff you ordered (and forgot about) from Beautybay.com!

I love this site, it’s my go to for hard to find brands, particularly European and American brands at pretty decent prices. Huge pro? Free shipping!

Anyway – read on for pics of the haul!

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Review: Jouer Cosmetics

Finally, my Jouer Cosmetics delivery is here! It’s a relatively niche brand in my opinion that has only recently become semi-mainstream. I first heard of the brand when Lisa Eldridge used it in a few of her videos and from then on I was seeing the brand everywhere online! Their most popular product is the Luminizing Moisture Tint, which I picked up in a couple of sample tubes (I’m generally wary about colour matching myself online so I don’t tend to purchase face products).

I bought:

  • Mini Luminizing Moisture Tint in Golden, US$20 for 4 tubes
  • Blushing Beauty Collection, US$58 for: Sheer Matte Touch Powder & Bronzer Duo, Chocolat and Peach Eyeshadow Duo, Whisper Tint and Feather Highlighter Duo, and Cherish Lip Gloss
  • Mineral powder blush in Peach Bouquet

Anyway, read on for the haul/mini-review!
Jouer cosmetics

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Review: NYX Haute Jersey palette

Today I’m going to do my much delayed review of the NYX Haute Jersey leopard couture palette, kindly gifted by Crush Cosmetics. Read on for my review and swatches!

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