Winter skincare picks

Winter is coming.

It’s actually already somewhat here where I’m living, so it’s time to break out the heavy duty creams and balms! Here’s what I use to keep my skin feeling super soft and hydrated no matter how cold it gets outside.


Winter skincare picks

1. Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil

I used to be a straightforward makeup remover and water kinda gal, but lately I’ve been gravitating towards cleansing oils, which are really great for dry skin and dry weather. The jasmine flower extract, kukui nut oil and jojoba oil smells really good and gets all the makeup off my face/eyes/lips. It’s also really hydrating, I feel like I almost don’t need moisturiser afterwards!

I usually splash water on my face then massage about a pump of this oil into the skin, focusing on the eyes. I massage downwards gently and avoid tugging or pulling.

2. Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturising Balm

I don’t use this during summer, but as soon as winter hits, I slather this cream all over my face. It’s really great for dry, flaky skin  and can act as a face mask if you layer it on thickly. It’s a little bit pricey at $120 but it gives an amazingly natural glow under makeup!

3. Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Scrub

Innisfree is a Korean brand I’ve just discovered, and this scrub smells exactly like red grapes! When you first open the container, it looks exactly like edible gelatin. It’s even a bit wobbly!

I scoop out a teaspoon’s worth of product and scrub it into my skin like a regular exfoliator. It tingles a bit so I only leave it on for 2 minutes. Initially I purchased it for the scent, but after trying it out, I realised it actually softened my skin and made my nose/chin area less bumpy.

4. Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil

Beauty oils are the hottest thing right now, and for good reason! They’re  more hydrating than creams, yet feel lightweight and non greasy on the skin. Boscia’s version contains camellia flower oil from Japan, wakame (Japanese sea kelp) and rice bran oil. What’s more, there are no parabens or sulfates! I only apply this on my nose and cheeks where I tend to get flaky.

5. Soap & Glory Hand Food

As you know, I’m a sucker for packaging and UK brand Soap & Glory never disappoints. From the girly, retro feel to the non-greasy texture, I’m totally loving this cream! It’s not a thick cream, but not a watery one either. It absorbs into the skin easily and keeps it soft for around an hour before I wash my hands and have to reapply.

6. Maybelline Baby Lips

Baby Lips is a cult favourite and so easy to collect. I only have the “original” formulas, which I find convenient and purse-friendly. It’s small and easy to toss into a bag (or several bags) and its no-fuss formula keeps my lips hydrated for about an hour.

7. Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub

I’ve purchased this scrub twice now, mainly because of its amazing scent. It smells EXACTLY like banana pancakes and maple syrup. Makes me feel hungry just using it! I use this once a week to exfoliate the dead skin cells – it also forms a protective moisture barrier over the skin so there’s no need to apply moisturiser after!
What are your skincare essentials for winter? :)


Best of 2013: Face products

best of 2013

Here’s my roundup of the makeup and beauty products I personally thought were the best this year, as well as the new kids on the block that I thought were high performing products. How often I use the product as well as the longevity and texture of the product qualifies it for my Best of 2013 list. By the way, I use the word ‘newcomer’ loosely as these may be products that have been around for years but I’ve just discovered or acquired.

So, here we go!

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What I’m obsessed with: the week of October 7th

what im obsessed with - october

This week, it’s all about simple pared back basics, with a pop of colour and quirky prints here and there. I’ve really been loving these products lately and thought I would make this a regular feature!

1. T2 French Earl Grey Tea: the smoky bergamot aroma makes this tea one of my favourites for an afternoon cuppa.

2. T2 sorbet pink tea cup: this painterly teacup adds a shot of colour to my shelf – I love the painterly vibe!

3. LORAC Pro Palette: A gift from my boyfriend, this palette is currently what I use most days for a natural, defined eye makeup look. Tip: the champagne shade all over the lid is a great brightener with the sable shade in the crease to define it!

4. ASOS Leila Ballet Flats (nude): These flats are super comfy and a great price. The only drawback? They’re getting so worn out after only 3 months!

5. MARCS black leather pencil skirt: I couldn’t find the actual image online but it’s pretty close (only without the seam down the front). I love how versatile this item is, it can be paired with a button down for a formal look or a plain white tee for a casual vibe.

6. H&M slouchy grey jumper: This unassuming piece of clothing is actually one of the most hardworking items in my closet! It’s great with jeans, leggings, belted over a skirt, worn over a dress.. the options are endless!

7. Bicycle prints: Whether they’re from Ikea or Etsy, I can never go past cute bicycle prints! There’s just something so Parisian chic about them!

8. MacBook Air: Ever since I bought this last week, I’ve been totally obsessed!! I can’t get over how light and thin it is!

9. Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Medium: Despite its $60 price tag, it actually contains a lot of product as a little goes a long way. It’s super creamy but easy to blend, and I love the flawless look it gives my skin! It also has caffeine in it to “wake” the skin up!