What to pack for… A winter weekend getaway

what to pack for a winter weekend

Have you ever found yourself at a loss to what to pack when faced with an upcoming holiday or vacation? I’ve been there, done that and after countless trips involving a moment of agony when I realised I forgot to pack moisturiser, or worse, my entire makeup bag, I feel like I’ve learnt my lesson when it comes to packing.

And yes, I did actually leave my entire makeup bag behind by accident before a weekend trip to Sydney, meaning that I had to depend on the ONLY makeup item in my hand carry, which was a black pencil eyeliner. I even used it to do my brows.

So, because of these unpleasant memories, I’m going to start doing a “What to pack” series each week, so that you’ll never have to forget a single item again!

This week is what I would pack when going away for the weekend in winter…

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Secret to smooth lips

I don’t know about you, but my lips are perennially chapped, even in summer. Keeping them smooth with just lip balm alone isn’t going to cut it – a more intensive routine will keep them hydrated and un-chapped year-round. Here are my tips:

Chapped lips (Image from Getty)

1. Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub. If I’m lazy, I’ll just use Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Step 1 in the shower, which can also be used all over the face, or Smashbox Lip Exfoliant, which has larger grains and an energising peppermint smell. I usually do this step twice a week.

If I’m feeling creative, I DIY-it by mixing 1 part brown sugar with 2 parts organic or manuka honey. Then I smear it all over my lips and buff it in circular motions for about 2 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water. This will eliminate flakes of skin and soften them at the same time.

Smashbox exfoliant

MK dermabrasion







2. Smear a thick layer of lip balm on (no SPF). I like gloppy textures for this step, such as good old Vaseline, Dior Creme de Rose or Bobbi Brown Lip Balm. Wait 5 minutes for it to sink in.

vaselinedior creme de roseBB lipbalm






3. Lastly, before I head out, I coat my lips with a lightweight, non-sticky lip balm with SPF in it. There are many good options out there but my personal favourites are EOS, Burt’s Bees and Carmex.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will also help, of course! :)


Tutorial Thursday: How to make blush last longer

This is typically how I want to make my blush last longer in terms of colour and vibrancy, especially if I know I won’t be able to touch up during the day. I don’t do this for work simply because it adds extra steps to my routine (I just stick with powder) but I do use this if I’m overseas on holiday or if I know I’ll be going out later that evening.


Read on to see the steps :)

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Christmas makeup combinations: Green pop of colour and rosy lips

Green pop of colour and rosy lips
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics , 57 AUD / Black eyeliner, 8.50 AUD / Matte lipstick, 13 AUD / Burberry gray eyeshadow, 28 AUD / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics , 26 AUD / Lip cosmetic, 15 AUD / DuWop cosmetic, 18 AUD / NARS Cosmetics pencil eyeliner, 21 AUD / COVERGIRL eyeliner, 7.12 AUD / Green eyeshadow, 2.85 AUD / Tarte eyeliner, 18 AUD / Tarte eyeliner, 17 AUD / Urban Decay eyeliner, 18 AUD / Burberry beauty product, 29 AUD

Gift giving guide: for the girl who has everything

For the girl who has everything, give her something luxe but unexpected – such as a decadent bar of Chanel soap, a festive Diptyque candle or a box of nail art stickers. That way, when her existing body wash/home scenter/nail polish runs out, she’ll have something of yours to use.

And there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, either.

Christmas gift giving guide - for the girl who has everything


Burberry scarve, 455 AUD / Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, 32 AUD / Chanel , 28 AUD / Tom Ford , 100 AUD / eylure , 3.84 AUD / Diptyque Amber Oud Red Scented Candle, 73 AUD / Merry Mixed Pine Christmas Wreaths & Garlands, Mixed Pine Artificial… / Splish Splash Gift Set, 31 AUD

Gift giving guide: for the makeup newbie

Buying makeup and beauty products as a gift can be difficult, particularly if you don’t know the person too well and aren’t sure what colours and brands they use. That’s why I’m putting together a gift guide (mainly beauty products!) according to the type of makeup wearer they are, as well as as suggested gifts for family and friends.

For the makeup newbie

This is for the girl who a) doesn’t wear makeup but wants to try it out, b) wears only a little makeup, or c) is getting into the world of makeup but doesn’t know where to start. The below suggested ideas are also good for teenagers discovering makeup.

Gift giving guide - makeup newbie

Laura Mercier travel makeup brush, 91 AUD / Blush, 5.76 AUD / Chanel eyeshadow, 62 AUD / Stila makeup, 24 AUD / By Terry lip makeup, 42 AUD / Stila lip makeup, 24 AUD / Gift sets kit, 60 AUD / Gift sets kit, 19 AUD / 9′ Christmas Tree – White, 475 AUD

Gift giving guide – makeup newbie

Gift giving guide - makeup newbie

Christmas makeup combinations: Winged liner and a nude lip

This look is for those of us who are a little more adventurous – the winged black eyeliner toned down by lipstick in a skin-tone or neutral colour. If you’re feeling more festive, you can pair it with bright red lipstick for a more vintage/festive feel.

Great for anyone with smaller or hooded eyes as it lifts and elongates the eye. This look is best achieved with liquid or gel eyeliner as it gives a sharper and more distinct line that you can’t quite get with pencil.

Remember to prime your eyelids first with either loose powder or an eye primer – eyeshadow is optional!

winged eyeliner nude lip tutorial

Finish with a generous coat of mascara and false eyelashes to really make your eyes pop!
winged eyeliner red lippie winged eyeliner 2 winged eyeliner