Review: Eve Lom Moisture Mask

This is how my lunch break normally goes on Fridays. After having a nice quick meal nearby, I wander into Mecca Cosmetica (which is literally around the corner from work) to have a look at the latest products and trends.

Sometimes I get dazzled by the packaging and cave in, which is totally natural because a) I not only work in marketing but b) I also work in the beauty industry. But I always think that one should try new products outside one’s normal remit – and hence – I end up purchasing some cream or lipstick I might not even need.

This vicious cycle was no exception last Friday when I chanced upon a jar of Eve Lom Moisture Mask (RRP $145). I had been looking for a hydrating mask for some time but wasn’t able to find any good ones on the market that actually did the job and was more than just glorified vaseline.

IMG_0368 IMG_0369

The shop assistant recommended this mask, as well as a Darphin one for half the price. But the Darphin one felt a bit too sticky and needed to be washed off, whereas the Eve Lom one can just be “tissued off” or rubbed into the skin. Plus, it felt really soothing and unsticky on the back of my hand.

BUT – it is not just an ordinary mask – it’s like caviar for your face!

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New Muji storage

On a recent trip to Singapore, I purchased a few Muji acrylic units to store my makeup collection. Well, part of it anyway, if this quiz is anything to go by. Everyone knows that a beautiful makeup collection needs equally beautiful storage, right?? Despite half of my luggage filled up with these heavy clear boxes, it was totally worth it when I finally arranged my makeup in it when I touched down in Australia.

So let’s get started with this super cute mirror I ordered from Urban Outfitters a few months ago. I thought it would be the perfect addition to my all-white vanity (please forgive the bad lighting). I hung a pair of earrings from Forever New on the side too, to remind me to wear them!


I purchased the 2 drawer small acrylic drawers and stacked them on top of 4 more medium acrylic drawers (in sets of 2) and a large acrylic drawer that’s a bit deeper than the others. As you can see  from the images, the top 2 hold my mostly high end lipsticks, the next 3 hold blushers, the next one holds bronzers/highlighters and the bottom contains some of my smaller eyeshadow palettes.


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My nightly skincare routine

My skincare routine is fairly uncomplicated, compared to many bloggers/beauty gurus out there. While I have my genes to thank for giving me generally unblemished skin, it doesn’t mean I can skimp on my night time skincare routine.

My skin tends to be on the normal/dry combination side, so without constant moisture it can start to look flaky, and nobody wants that!

While researching others’ skincare routines, I came across an interesting post on the Home Shopping Network’s blog on the four overnight beauty products you should be using.

Since us girls work so hard during the day and constantly brave the elements with a full face of makeup, it’s only natural to want equally hardworking products that hydrate and heal the skin while we sleep… it brings new meaning to beauty sleep! So it’s good to hear that I’m doing things right with the serum, moisturiser and eye cream like mentioned in the HSN post!

Here is my current skincare routine I’ve been following during the summer (I’ve added a few more steps in the past week that has made my skin feel noticeably softer):

skincare routine nightly.jpg

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What’s in my shower?

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to share with you what’s in my shower and the products I use daily to get myself squeaky clean. When it comes to body and hair care, I’m by no means a high maintenance gal so don’t expect too many high end products! When it comes to skincare and makeup, however, I’m a very different person…

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Quick Sephora haul


So I’m holidaying in the US at the moment and picked up a few things at Sephora. Okay, okay- I’ve been researching these products online – but I am deprived in Australia. Here’s a quick picture haul of what I bought (since I’m typing this on my phone).

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser (oil free) in Ochre



NARS x Guy Bourdin blush palette




Bite beauty the lip kit







Tarte lip stain

6 of the best Christmas scents

Inspired by yesterday’s review on Glasshouse candles, I’ve decided to a roundup of the best Christmas home scents on the market. Bearing in mind I haven’t smelt all of them yet – my opinion of some of the below fragrances are based on the packaging and descriptions.
Christmas scents

Christmas is one of my favourite seasons of the year and though I know it’s very commercial and consumerish, I actually love all the Christmas themed goodies you can buy during November/December. In fact, I’m off to USA next week so I’ll do a haul of my Christmas beauty buys! From scenting your home with beautiful festive fragrances to getting my hands on limited edition holiday makeup sets and wrapping gifts, I just love everything about Xmas.

Anyway, back to the candles (from left to right):

1. Glasshouse Christmas Spirit Triple Scented 350g Candle in White Spruce – I’d probably buy this scent, too – It’s inspired by the Rockefeller Christmas tree with notes of “Iced Violet, Fir Needle and White Spruce to capture snow-capped celebrations in New York.”

2. Circa Home 1970 Red Spiced Pear Candle – Who doesn’t love a retro Christmas? This scent is inspired by “dancing to the Jackson 5 Christmas album, playing with the Bionic Man and Stretch Armstrong, and watching Carols by Candelight stuffed to the brim.” Love that imagery there!

3. The Aromatherapy Co Mini Diffusion Gift Set – Also stocked in David Jones, this New Zealand brand places an emphasis on natural ingredients and this 3 pack mini diffusers is no different. The scents are Lavender & Chamomile, Sweet Lime & Mandarin, Juniper Berry & White Thyme (not particularly Christmassy but makes a great gift!)

4. Ecoya Caramelised Fig Christmas Candle – I’m not sure if this is a 2012 or 2013 release as it’s not their website currently (it’s on the Candelabra website) but it sounds divine! I love caramel and I love figs, so can’t go wrong!

5. dusk Christmas Jar Candle in Sea Salt and Coconut – This is quite a unique combination from dusk and sounds like a macaron flavour. I haven’t had the chance to smell it yet but I imagine it’s a beachy fragrance that smells like their Bondi candle. Great for an Australian summer Christmas!

6. Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Boxed Candle in Winter Berry – From the description, this Williams Sonoma candle is fruity and spicy (much like the Glasshouse White Christmas candle it seems like!). It has notes of pomegranate, cassis and sweet orange with Warm notes of clove and cedar.”

Review: Glasshouse White Christmas candle

Whilst browsing at David Jones, I came across the most glorious Christmas scent ever (yes, I can’t believe it’s getting to that time of the year again!) It smelt like pine cones, spicy hot chocolate and a crackling fire burning during a cold wintry breeze, or at least that’s the feeling it gave me when I sniffed the brand new Glasshouse triple scented holiday collection candle in White Christmas.

The fragrance was so intoxicatingly Christmassy that I just had to buy it. The packaging is also lovely. It comes in a white and gold box and the jar inside is white frosted glass with snowflakes printed on it (subtly, of course). But the SMELL! Amazing!




The box says that it smells like cedar leaf and fruity clove with eucalyptus and pine to “add a cold climate feel to festive celebrations”…

I’ve always been drawn to herbal and spicy fragrances, so it’s no surprise I love this one as it combines both of these scents into one candle. I also love woody/piney scents, they just remind me of hiking through the forest during winter or being in the country. I don’t normally experience such things so I love scents that transport me to those places…

Glasshouse’s White Christmas smells extremely Christmassy with strong spicy notes (like cinnamon and nutmeg and star anise cloves) but you can still detect the grassy, woody undertones. I’m not very good at describing scents but it just smells so festive!






As you can tell, I couldn’t wait to burn it! The thing I love about Glasshouse candles, apart from their unique fragrances, is that the scent throw is always exceptional. Whenever I burn their 350g candle, my whole bedroom is filled with the scent within minutes. Not so much the mini candles though – those are way too small in my opinion!

However, I do prefer the wick from Ecoya as they are thicker and don’t ‘curl’ when burnt while the Glasshouse ones, similar to most candle manufacturers, are much thinner and are easier to extinguish. The Ecoya wicks are really hard to blow out (which is great!)


6 of the best bronzers


Bronzers are essential makeup items for most people as they have the ability to liven up a dull complexion and impart that healthy, sunkissed glow most of us aren’t born with. For me, bronzer is perfect for adding colour back into the face after applying foundation and powder and for evening out any noticeable difference in colour between the neck and face.

But not all bronzers are made alike. There are 3 things I need in a bronzer: it needs to be matte, non-orangey and not too dark or light. The best bronzer on me is usually a medium toned brown with minimal orange undertones.

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