Welcome to Life+Makeup! I’m Alissa, a twenty-something PR girl living in Perth, Western Australia and a part time makeup artist for Bobbi Brown.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect black eyeliner and loves collecting anything travel-sized. This includes perfumes, makeup palettes, brush sets… anything really!

I started this blog dedicated to all things makeup in early 2012, primarily to post photos of my hauls and reviews of beauty items. While it still includes my beauty buys and makeup advice, this blog has also become my creative outlet for writing and publishing magazine-type beauty spreads. I love talking about makeup, buying makeup, reading about makeup and watching makeup videos – you can tell I’m obsessed!

Here are 5 signs of a makeup junkie (i.e. me):

1. You enjoy falling asleep to the soothing sounds of makeup tutorials on Youtube.

2. You become a Sephora VIB member when overseas for 4 weeks.

3. Your boyfriend starts complaining about the amount of time you’re taking in Sephora, despite free wi-fi and coffee in hand.

4. If it’s pretty, you’ve got to have it…

5. You still buy occasionally at full price even though you know you can get the same item cheaper online/overseas.

Visit my professional website at www.makeupbyalissa.com.au


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