Review: Eve Lom Moisture Mask

This is how my lunch break normally goes on Fridays. After having a nice quick meal nearby, I wander into Mecca Cosmetica (which is literally around the corner from work) to have a look at the latest products and trends.

Sometimes I get dazzled by the packaging and cave in, which is totally natural because a) I not only work in marketing but b) I also work in the beauty industry. But I always think that one should try new products outside one’s normal remit – and hence – I end up purchasing some cream or lipstick I might not even need.

This vicious cycle was no exception last Friday when I chanced upon a jar of Eve Lom Moisture Mask (RRP $145). I had been looking for a hydrating mask for some time but wasn’t able to find any good ones on the market that actually did the job and was more than just glorified vaseline.

IMG_0368 IMG_0369

The shop assistant recommended this mask, as well as a Darphin one for half the price. But the Darphin one felt a bit too sticky and needed to be washed off, whereas the Eve Lom one can just be “tissued off” or rubbed into the skin. Plus, it felt really soothing and unsticky on the back of my hand.

BUT – it is not just an ordinary mask – it’s like caviar for your face!

IMG_0371 IMG_0372

Initial impression:

This is a very weighty jar that looks like it contains more than its 100 ml. It’s an item meant for displaying on your vanity and simply indulging in the luxury of a facial. Made of frosted glass, the jar is embossed with the gold Eve Lom branding and inside, contains a semi translucent gel.




This gel resembles the Chanel Hydramax face mask which I’ve had for ages. It looks a bit like vaseline to be honest!

Initial application:

Applied on a dry, freshly cleansed face, there is a slight tingle (even more of a tingle if you’ve exfoliated with a scrub). While it’s not an unbearable feeling, it can be slightly unpleasant for the first few seconds. This wears off very quickly.

On first application I had it on for about 10 minutes before wiping it off gently with a tissue and then massaging the remaining residue into my skin.

After 5 minutes, the gel had completely absorbed into my skin. It felt really, really smooth, plump and hydrated. It’s a very silky feeling and definitely does the job in terms of hydrating! It’s the glycerin and sodium hyluronate that helps this process.

There are some botanicals in there too – coconut, radish root, honeysuckle and some sort of seed extract.

The shop assistant explained that she normally puts a layer on before her makeup application in the morning and it makes a big difference to how her foundation goes on. Totally believe this – even put on at night before going to bed makes my AM routine that much easier. My foundation is easier to blend and there are no dry patches!


I even received a box of samples as I had upgraded to L2 of my Beauty Loop membership…

IMG_0377 IMG_0379 It contained a NARS mini blush in Deep Throat, a mini By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm and a mini Hourglass Mineral Veil primer.

So. Adorable!! I actually have the full size of the NARS blush and Hourglass primer, but still, great for travel! They are really cute and it’s nice to try the By Terry lip balm, which smells great and resembles the Mecca in-house lip balm. It also feels like the Bobbi Brown Lip Balm too.

All in all, the mask is a great buy and I would highly recommend this to those with dry/normal skin.

It feels heavenly and the quantity is quite a lot – so it lasts for a while (you only need a 20 cent sized amount for the whole face!)

Rating: 4.5/5






One thought on “Review: Eve Lom Moisture Mask

  1. I like this mask and I used this mask as well. This mask really gives a great results. After using this product there is no need to do a facial and all. and this mask is easy to use we can easily apply on the face.

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