Review: Clio Kill Black Eyeliner Pen

Today I’m going to review the Clio Kill Black Eyeliner Pen, I bought it for about $20 from Watsons in Singapore when I was there recently on a short holiday. I thought the name of the Clio Kill Black was somewhat amusing!

Clio is a pretty popular Korean brand as far as I know, they’re renowned for their eyeliner pens and mascaras so I decided to pick both up to see how the eyeliner stacked up to my favourite Koji Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner. Dollywink is a Japanese brand for those who aren’t already fans of this cult fave!

IMG_3717IMG_3718IMG_3719IMG_3720The packaging was just regular cardboard with a plastic tray inside containing the eyeliner – called Waterproof Brush Liner – and a sample mascara called O’Tank Volume Mascara.

The eyeliner pen itself is quite skinny and similar in dimensions to the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise pen. The pen lid is very secure as well, so no chance of drips/leaks!

The tip tapers to a fine point but I believe you can get another one of Clio’s eyeliner pens that are even more precise than this (0.1 mm I believe!). But this is already quite thin for me, and I usually like a thicker line anyway.


The Kill Black (bottom) compared to two Dollywink liquid eyeliners. I honestly don’t think there’s a difference between both the Dolly wink eyeliners – just a different packaging!


Kill Black probably has the thickest “nib” compared to Dollywink, but not by much.

Swatches (From left to right, Kill Black followed by the pink Dollywink and the red Dollywink)



Testing how waterproof they are…



After running my hand under cold water for about 30 seconds, there was no change in any of the eyeliners, which is really a testament to how longwearing they are!

This is after I scrubbed my hand with a fluffy towel:



The pink Dollywink eyeliner (middle swatch) stayed on the longest as you can see from the image. It’s the blackest compared to the other two, and also the most difficult to get off! While I really like Clio, my old trustworthy favourite would still have to be Dollywink! Also, the packaging is cuter!

But note that these differences are really imperceptible when applied on the eye itself. Both the Clio Kill Black and Dollywink liners last an entire day (10+ hours) despite the weather conditions (humid, dry, freezing cold, windy). A really worthwhile purchase especially for those who suffer from oily eyelids!

Here’s also a quick pic of the sample mascara.

I like the slightly curved brush of the mascara wand, but the formula is a little dry and doesn’t really do much for my lashes. It’s not a bad basic mascara but nothing too wow in my opinion!

IMG_3724 IMG_3725




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