My nightly skincare routine

My skincare routine is fairly uncomplicated, compared to many bloggers/beauty gurus out there. While I have my genes to thank for giving me generally unblemished skin, it doesn’t mean I can skimp on my night time skincare routine.

My skin tends to be on the normal/dry combination side, so without constant moisture it can start to look flaky, and nobody wants that!

While researching others’ skincare routines, I came across an interesting post on the Home Shopping Network’s blog on the four overnight beauty products you should be using.

Since us girls work so hard during the day and constantly brave the elements with a full face of makeup, it’s only natural to want equally hardworking products that hydrate and heal the skin while we sleep… it brings new meaning to beauty sleep! So it’s good to hear that I’m doing things right with the serum, moisturiser and eye cream like mentioned in the HSN post!

Here is my current skincare routine I’ve been following during the summer (I’ve added a few more steps in the past week that has made my skin feel noticeably softer):

skincare routine nightly.jpg

 1. Remove makeup with an oil-based cleanser


I like using Maybelline’s City Rescue Total Clean Express Eye & Lip Makeup Remover as its an oil-based formula that gets every scrap of waterproof eye makeup off. I find the kind you have to shake vigorously to create a milky liquid are the most effective, particularly for mascara.

Some other tried and tested faves of mine are the Garnier Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 Makeup Remover, Lancome’s Bi-Facil and Clinique’s Take the Day Off.

2. Cleanse your face

I didn’t show this in the above pic, but I usually wash my face with a creamy, hydrating cleanser that doesn’t make my skin feel tight. Sorry if this throws my above numbering in the pic out of whack.

I’m currently using the Chanel Mousse Douceur Anti Pollution Rinse Off Foaming Mousse Cleanser (what a mouthful!) that I purchased from the Dallas Fort Worth airport. I like how hydrating and smooth it feels on the skin – I use it throughout summer and winter.

I have also used the cleanser from the Neutrogena Naturals range and Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple 3 in 1 cleanser (the bottle lasts forever) in recent times.

3. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week with a gentle face scrub


I only exfoliate at night, and not every night, so as not to irritate my skin. Exfoliants aren’t meant to be used all the time as it will leave your delicate facial skin red and raw. When I do exfoliate, I use a gentle scrub with microbeads suspended in liquid/jelly. I recently bought the innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Scrub, which smells exactly like grape gummies. Mmm…

innisfree is a Korean brand I’ve just discovered and fallen in love with for it’s cute packaging, affordable prices and variety of products. This one in particular feels slightly tingly after a minute or so of scrubbing and smells divine!

4. Follow up with serum targeted to specific needs

A serum is a must have for me! I currently have around 5-6 serums on rotation and am using a new one from innisfree at the moment, their White Tone Up Essence. It claims to brighten skin, even out the skintone and help reduce redness. The HSN post suggests using your hands to press the serum into your skin… which admittedly I don’t do! I just rub it in until it’s absorbed.

Other great serums I have used and can recommend are: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement (anti-ageing) and Chantecaille Vital Essence with Arbutin (anti-ageing, doubles up as eye serum). I’ve used Lancome’s Visionnaire and Sephora’s Ultimate Moisture Serum but don’t find them particularly effective on myself.

5. Pat on a hydrating night cream

This is an essential step in the routine for me after the serum. I love going to bed with super hydrated, plush skin especially since the air conditioning can be drying in the summer months. I’ve heard many good things about First Aid Beauty, so I picked up their Ultra Repair Face Moisturiser for dry skin last week.

It has no scent and pumps out white, like any regular moisturiser, and it doesn’t feel particularly hydrating at first – it has no greasy/sticky feel on the skin – but boy does it make my skin feel super smooth! I feel totally hydrated and can see myself really loving this cream.

6. Use eye cream

Again, the flaw in my skincare routine is that I’m too lazy to apply eye cream, so I simply use my serum on the undereye area. When I do remember, my choice is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex. I have repurchased this twice so I’m definitely a fan.

I prefer using gels to creams on my undereye area as they’re not as oily and feel nice and light on my skin. I just have to remember to use it consistently!

7. Finish with lip balm

I apply lip balm countless times throughout the day, but especially at night since I have a bad habit of licking them (which makes them drier). I recently bought the Smith’s Rosebud Salve to review, but sadly it doesn’t rank up there in terms of Holy Grail Lip Balms. I am still on the quest to find the ultimate hydrating and long lasting lip balm but so far I’m liking the Bobbi Brown one.

Hope you found this useful! x


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