ASOS haul

I love receiving packages in the mail, especially if it’s something I ordered a few weeks ago and forgot about! Today, I came home to a small ASOS package, which brightened up my day.

Here’s what I got:

asos haul

1. ASOS Peplum Top in Stripe with Knot Detail

This looked so cute on the website but when I tried it on, it was actually really tight around the bust (everywhere else was fine). The waist and arms fit perfectly so it’s a shame that the overall look wasn’t ideal. This will have to go back!

2. Jovonnista Elliot Lace Panel Shift Dress in Pink

In person, the dress isn’t pale pink as shown on the website but more of a salmony colour which I don’t think I like. I would consider keeping it if not for the poor fit as well – again, the waist is fine but it’s tight around the hips. Not super tight, but I would feel uncomfortable moving around in it. This one’s going back too!

3. New Look Grid Print Zip Back Vest in Black pattern

I purchased this to have something monochrome/neutral to wear with brighter bottoms and to go with jeans as well. I really love the swingy nature of this top. It’s a little sheer but I couldn’t really tell when I had it on, plus it’s super comfy and I can see myself wearing this frequently.

4. Warehouse Shift Dress in Green

Another win! I already have a forest green dress, but it’s in a different cut (V necked and with a cinched waist) so I didn’t mind getting a different style in the same colour. The textured crepe material feels nice against the skin and it’s very flattering/slimming. On me, the dress hits just above the knee and I’m only 5″2, so it could be too short for someone who is taller (or average height).

It feels weighty and isn’t sheer, which I like for shift dresses so I don’t have to wear a slip underneath.

Overall, I liked 2/4 of the items I purchased and will be returning the first 2 items. I love ASOS, but it can really be a hit-and-miss with the sizing and fit of their items. I know it’s mainly because they stock so many different brands but even amongst the ASOS range I can have something that fits me perfectly and then something else in the same size that doesn’t. Oh well.

Hope you liked this haul!


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