New Year Beauty Resolutions

Happy new year

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely time ushering in the New Year, I sure did with fireworks and champagne!

photo 1

This year has been quite the ride for me – I moved states, changed jobs, and got engaged!


I’m sure 2014 will only get crazier so to prepare myself for the year ahead I’ve decided to share my New Year’s resolutions. These will only be beauty resolutions, of course, which will hopefully help me get out of my everyday makeup rut and try some different techniques and colours.

Resolution #1: Give myself a facial and full body exfoliation at least once a week

I’ve been pretty low key with my skincare and body care routine this year, mainly due to laziness, so in 2014 I vow to pamper my skin a little bit more with weekly facials, exfoliations and body moisturiser (which I often neglect to put on). Products I would like to try include First Aid Beauty’s Oatmeal Mask, calming masks by Mario Badescu and lightweight body lotions.

Resolution #2: Change up my hairstyle

My hairstyle is something that hasn’t changed in four years. Apart from regular cuts, I really don’t do much to my hair on a daily basis and this year, I’d like to try curling my hair, wearing hair accessories, perfecting the beachy wave and perhaps trying out a new braid or two. Believe it or not, I haven’t touched a curling iron in 2 years and have never used a hair mask! It’s a good thing I already have easy to maintain hair and naturally shiny tresses (I don’t dye them) but it’s time to stop being boring!

Resolution #3: Rock a bold lip

Because 2013 felt so busy and rushed, I felt I didn’t have time to put in that extra effort when it came to makeup (mainly because I’d rather sleep in a few more minutes). Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t look presentable – I still spend a good 15 minutes on my face in the AM – but I’m often reaching for neutral lippies. I vow to wear brighter, bolder colours this year! My favourite picks are dark red, cherry red and a dark fuschia.

Redlipfuschia lips

Resolution #4: Be more adventurous with my eye makeup

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, a cool toned purple that is described by Pantone as “a modern and surprisingly versatile shade” that “enlivens the skin, making all who wear it feel more healthy and energetic.”

Since I love all shades of purple, I’m keen to try this one out on the eyes. But because it’s not a colour you’d wear all over the lid (or risk looking like you have puffy eyes), I’m going to use this colour as eyeliner along the lower lash line, complemented with lashings of mascara. I’m also going to try this shade as blush and nail colours which will look lovely with a tan.


[all images via Pinterest]

 So that’s! Hopefully I’ll be able to make all these resolutions come true and continue to chronicle my beauty adventures on this blog. xx

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