Review: Glasshouse White Christmas candle

Whilst browsing at David Jones, I came across the most glorious Christmas scent ever (yes, I can’t believe it’s getting to that time of the year again!) It smelt like pine cones, spicy hot chocolate and a crackling fire burning during a cold wintry breeze, or at least that’s the feeling it gave me when I sniffed the brand new Glasshouse triple scented holiday collection candle in White Christmas.

The fragrance was so intoxicatingly Christmassy that I just had to buy it. The packaging is also lovely. It comes in a white and gold box and the jar inside is white frosted glass with snowflakes printed on it (subtly, of course). But the SMELL! Amazing!




The box says that it smells like cedar leaf and fruity clove with eucalyptus and pine to “add a cold climate feel to festive celebrations”…

I’ve always been drawn to herbal and spicy fragrances, so it’s no surprise I love this one as it combines both of these scents into one candle. I also love woody/piney scents, they just remind me of hiking through the forest during winter or being in the country. I don’t normally experience such things so I love scents that transport me to those places…

Glasshouse’s White Christmas smells extremely Christmassy with strong spicy notes (like cinnamon and nutmeg and star anise cloves) but you can still detect the grassy, woody undertones. I’m not very good at describing scents but it just smells so festive!






As you can tell, I couldn’t wait to burn it! The thing I love about Glasshouse candles, apart from their unique fragrances, is that the scent throw is always exceptional. Whenever I burn their 350g candle, my whole bedroom is filled with the scent within minutes. Not so much the mini candles though – those are way too small in my opinion!

However, I do prefer the wick from Ecoya as they are thicker and don’t ‘curl’ when burnt while the Glasshouse ones, similar to most candle manufacturers, are much thinner and are easier to extinguish. The Ecoya wicks are really hard to blow out (which is great!)


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