Review: VS loves coral makeup set


I picked up the VS Loves Coral makeup set at Victoria’s Secret today at the Melbourne airport, en route from Canberra on a work trip. I’ve only ever tried Victoria’s Secret lip glosses so I decided to pick up some other makeup from their VS line.

The coral set in particular looked cute, travel friendly and great for summer! It retails for $31 and includes their Luminous Mineral Blush in Can’t Resist, Colour Drama Lipstick in French Kiss (mini size), and nail polish in Coral Crush (mini size).

Took all these photos with my iPhone so excuse any poor lighting/fuzziness!


My general thoughts about it is that it’s a bit pricey for just 3 products, but I do like the concept of a tonal collection!





I love the blush, I think it’s the best part of the collection! It’s a shimmery light coral/peach blush with micro sparkle in it (think it’s silver sparkle but it isn’t noticeable on the cheeks). It applies smoothly, with a sheer wash of colour. It works perfectly for my light-medium skin tone but would probably not show up too well on darker skin tones.

I love that it gives me a really natural, flushed and healthy look. It’s also buildable – I started off with a sheer wash and then added more to the apples of my cheeks.




Above: applied to only the right cheek.


Above: applied to both cheeks and blended out towards the sides of the face.



Next, the lipstick! It’s a very creamy, satin finish coral shade that goes on pretty much opaque in the first swipe. I LOVE the consistency/texture but unfortunately the colour is all wrong for me. A lighter coral that leans towards peach/nude would have been perfect for me; a bright coral just looks clownish! I think darker skin tones or someone with a golden tan would be able to pull this shade off though.



Above swatch: the colour actually looks a lot more orangey in person than on camera.


Lastly, the nail polish is a bright coral shade with pink undertones. It’s really nice and perfect for summer! It’s of a good quality as well, it applies pretty much opaque in one swipe.

Overall, I love the blush and nail polish but the lippie was a no-go for me. Not a bad buy in general, I may look at getting the VS loves pink version down the track! xx



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