Review: Avon Glimmersticks Cosmic in Twilight

One of Avon’s new glitter eyeliners is the Glimmersticks Cosmic in Twilight, a pretty medium purple with significant silver sparkle (around $7.99).

IMG_4565 IMG_4564IMG_4566

Avon eyeliner shown with Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick and NYX Slide On eyeliner.



From left to right: Avon eyeliner (first swatch) shown with the other 2 eyeliners above.


Overall, I like this eyeliner but don’t love it, primarily because of all the sparkle in it. It doesn’t look so obvious when swatched on my arm, but on the lower lash line in particular the silver sparkle does get ‘caught’ between my lashes.

It’s also not that long wearing (it lasts around 4 hours) so by the end of the work day, I find that the eyeliner has smudged. However for the price I can’t complain :)

In general, I love purple/plum/violet eyeliners as I find they work well with my brown eyes, but if I had to pick my favourite purple eyeliner it would have to be NYX Slide On eyeliner in Purple Blaze. Stays on forever and looks really pretty!

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