Favourite eyeshadow palettes

My favourite palettes
Tom Ford matte eyeshadow, 85 AUD / Christian Dior palette eyeshadow, 66 AUD / Urban Decay cosmetic, 24 AUD / Lancôme palette eyeshadow, 54 AUD / LORAC palette eyeshadow, 46 AUD / Urban Decay matte eyeshadow, 30 AUD / Glitter eye makeup, 2.19 AUD / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics beauty product, 66 AUD / Stila beauty product, 33 AUD
Why I love these palettes:
These eyeshadow palettes have 2 things in common: silky smooth eyeshadows that spread beautifully with minimal fallout; and the carefully curated range of colours in each palette.
I love nude and natural palettes like the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the Naked Basics, but I do love when an unexpected pop of colour is included as well – like the Stila In the Garden palette and Bobbi Brown’s Nude & Navy Palette.
Also, a good mix of shimmery and matte shadows always catch my eye!

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