Haul: Becca Cosmetics

BECCA Cosmetics is one of my favourite higher end makeup brands. I just love everything about it, from its sleek aesthetic to the models they pick for their campaigns and the way their makeup looks on the skin – natural, polished and classy.

Plus, it’s an Australian brand :)

So when I saw they had sale a couple of weeks ago, how could I resist? (The sale is still on – check it out here) My only gripe with the products I received is that they weren’t in tip top condition – e.g. the creme blush was dented in one area and the lip glosses in the palette had moisture beads on them which I found quite odd.

But anyway, here’s what I bought:



Sorry about the poor image quality! I’m looking at investing in better lighting equipment at the moment because nothing annoys me more than poorly lit/fuzzy photos! Read on for my haul…

First up is the Creme Blush in Wild Orchid ($24 – after 50% off!)


IMG_4451See what I mean about the indentations in the blush? Nevertheless, it is a really lovely cool-toned berry blush – it’s a lot darker in real life than in the pic. It feels quite smooth to the touch and applies sheer, but is buildable. It’s a nice, natural product but I still prefer BECCA’s beach tint, they are amazing!

I also grabbed 2 of the Fine Loose Finishing Powder in Ginger and Wheat ($29.50 each, also 50% off).


I figured if one of the shades don’t match me, I can use it for my makeup kit for clients. Turns out, Ginger’s my shade because it’s a little on the warmer side and looks more natural on me than Wheat, which is pink-toned. I can still get away with Wheat but I definitely have to use blush/bronzer in that case!

It feels comfortable on the skin and controls oil well, but I have to say that I would not buy this full priced because it’s very small and contains little product. The Chanel loose powder still remains my absolute favourite – it’s really value for money and virtually feels like silk on the skin. The Chanel powder is just more finely milled than the BECCA one.

And finally – the palettes!



Halcyon Days Palette, $49.50, is a summer staple with 3 easy to blend eyeshadows, a coral cream blush and a peach lipgloss.


Lip Gloss: Mai Tai (sheer peach nude)
Lip & Cheek Créme: Bouganvillea (coral)
Eye Colour Powder Shimmer: Faille (golden peach)
Eye Colour Powder Demi Matt: Muslin (creamy opal)
Eye Colour Powder Demi Matt: Chamois (light brown/bronze)
Dual Ended Professional Brush

The eyeshadows in this palette (and the Avalon one below) are really the standouts for me. They apply like a dream: satin finish, so easy to blend and gives me a polished look. I’m not too sure about the lip gloss though, it’s too sheer to give off any colour. I haven’t tried the blush at this stage but it looks slightly oily.

Below, the Avalon Makeup Palette, $47.50.


It consists of:
Eye Colour Powder Demi Matte in Doeskin (luxe fawn pink)
Eye Colour Powder Demi Matte in Tweed (warm burnished brown)
Crème Eye Colour in Quartz (silvery nude pink)
Crème Blush in Turkish Rose (rosy nude)
Compact Eyeliner in Barbarella (black)
Dual-ended Eye Powder/Eye Liner Brush

The Avalon is a bridal palette and consists of neutral, natural shades. I would probably take this travelling for a weekend or so (any more than that and I’d miss my arsenal of eyeshadow colours and blushes!)

I love the eyeshadows and creme blush, which is perfect for my colouring. I don’t particularly love the eyeliner though – it’s not the blackest of black… But it could be good for a soft smokey eye since it doesn’t go on too pigmented.

Lastly, I also got the Soft Focus Shader Makeup Brush, $17.50 (50% off) and I really like it. It’s a good size for my eye shape and packs on eyeshadow well. I use it primarily for the main lid area and it’s been great!

That about sums up my haul/mini review. More makeup hauls to come, I’m sure. I can never stay away ! :)

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