My new makeup dresser

I’m pleased to show off my new vanity/dresser set up! I’ve never had a proper sit down dresser in my life where I could do my makeup and hair in the morning, so I’m really excited to have one finally!

It’s really a space where I can chill out, work on my computer (updating this blog, among other things) and get ready for bed. And putting on my makeup in the morning, of course!



Desk: Ikea Malm Dressing Table, $199
Chair: Ikea Lillhojden Swivel Chair in Grey Patterned, $89
Mirror: Ikea Tysnes mirror $29
Clear drawers: Officeworks Keji 4 Drawer Desktop File, $14.95
Makeup brush holder: Ikea garden pot, $1.95 (Similar Ikea one here)

I absolutely love all the stuff I got, especially the clear plastic drawers! I had wanted the Muji acrylic ones that everyone is talking about on the Internet, but obvs they don’t ship to Australia and are quite expensive anyway! I’m so glad to have found these Keji ones from Officeworks :)




My half-eaten jam toast covered in fresh strawberries…



A cup of refreshing green tea served in a Maxwell & Williams dainty bird print teacup…

And a chocolate fudge scented candle burning in the background… (It’s also from Ikea – $7.95 for a set of 3!)

Hope you liked this brief makeup storage/dresser tour!


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