haul: Edward Bess, Art Deco and more!


There are few things better than coming home sweaty from the gym after an intense toning class to find a package waiting for you on the kitchen table… And even better when you find out it’s not a bill but stuff you ordered (and forgot about) from!

I love this site, it’s my go to for hard to find brands, particularly European and American brands at pretty decent prices. Huge pro? Free shipping!

Anyway – read on for pics of the haul!

First up, the much talked about Beauty Blender ($26.30). I’ve been wanting it for over a year now but stayed away from buying it because I thought it was a ridiculous price for a sponge that probably only cost 20c to make. But after hearing so many good things about it, in particular how it makes foundation look flawless  yet natural and dewy, and that it lasts a long time etc, I decided to buy it. Plus the Beautybay price is cheaper than in Australian stores anyway…

IMG_4391 IMG_4390 IMG_4389 IMG_4388

I also like that it’s bright pink so I can always find it in my makeup bag! (Although I think I’m more inclined to keep it sanitary in the box it came in). Will keep you guys posted on how well it applies makeup!

Next up is the Mai Couture Glow-gorgeous Trio ($25.50). This is similar to blotting papers except that they are bronzer, highlighter and blush papers! Really novel concept that’s perfect for my handbag or for travel. I’m not sure how good the staying power is but the pigmentation is excellent – I also rubbed a little off on my finger.

However a word of warning: They are all shimmer shades so if you prefer a more matte look, steer clear!


First page…

Bronzer in Sin City (a terracotta shade with red undertones):


Highlighter in St Barts (pale peach):


Blush in Prettyful (cool toned classic pink):



Back page:


While it does seem like a cool idea, I’m not sure how good quality the product will actually be, but I will definitely post a review up!

I also ordered Talika Lipocils Eyelash Treatment Gel ($23.30 on sale), a formula that claims to grow your eyelashes longer and thicker in 28 days. Well, I’ll see if this lives up to the hype that surrounds it! I’ve heard people say that once they stop using it, their eyelashes start falling out and looking terrible, so here’s hoping that’s not going to happen to me!

IMG_4408 IMG_4409

Before pic of my eyelashes with no makeup. Wow, my eyes are red…

Check back in 28 days, folks! :)


Now on to the good stuff! I’m a sucker for pretty packaging! Especially the ArtDeco Bronzing Glow Blusher ($29.70 also on sale). This is my first buy from the brand but it looks like great quality.

IMG_4419 IMG_4422 IMG_4421

IMG_4424 IMG_4425IMG_4426IMG_4429

How beautiful is the packaging and design?! It’s basically a bronzer and 2 blushes in one (coral, peach) that can be used together or separately. I’ll probably use them together because the pan is not that big.

Lastly, the Edward Bess Berry Chic palette. It just kills me to say this but I purchased it for $85.40 but it’s now on sale for $69.20!!!! WHY?! Literally just 2 weeks after I place my order you have to be on sale!



But moving on…





I’ve realised that berry shades are the most flattering on me, so of course I had to grab this palette. It’s my first Edward Bess purchase and I’m so excited to test it out tomorrow!

The only one I’m not sure about in this palette is the baby pink shimmer eyeshadow as it might make my eyelids look puffy. Otherwise the rest look divine!

… And that sums up my haul! And with that, I leave you with 2 winter looks I’m going to try out tomorrow with the Edward Bess palette!



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