The power of makeup

I came across this really great post from makeup artist and blogger Cara of MaskCara, which illustrates how makeup can make such a huge difference to your face – especially when applied badly!

Cara has done a makeover on her sister – one with makeup applied super badly and one applied flawlessly and naturally. I stared at the pic and couldn’t even believe it was the same person!

Read her post here.

That’s why I love makeup! Many others who don’t wear makeup think it’s superficial, a waste of time, worsens skin, make them look over the top, etc (I’ve heard it all!) but it’s really not. Makeup is not meant to mask features. It’s meant to bring out your good ones, and hide your bad ones. In other words, makeup helps you look your best – and that means still looking like yourself. There’s nothing worse in my opinion than unnatural makeup! My top pet peeves are:

Too-orange bronzer
The gap of skin between the lashline and the eyeliner
Spidery lashes
Fake eyelashes that are so heavy you can barely open your eyes
Contrasting lip liner and lipstick
Gloppy lipgloss
Powdery, cakey face

… The list really goes on!

But anyway! Before I go to bed, I would like to share some of my favourite makeup looks (via Pinterest).

Natural 1


natural 3

And one of my own… at a recent beachy photoshoot I did the makeup for Argentinian model Aye:
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