Review: Butter London Henley Regatta

I recently purchased Butter London in Henley Regatta (AU$22). It’s what I would describe as a bright, mermaid green with intense emerald sparkles. In my photo below it looks teal, but on the nails it’s seriously green. Read on for my review!



According to Butter London’s website, the nail polish “glitters like the Thames on a sunny day” and is a mixture of green and blue glitter. I suppose that’s where it gets is name from – the historic Henley Royal Regatta is held on the Thames each year in Oxfordshire, England. While I doubt that the Thames actually looks as green as it does on my nails (see below pic), it certainly is a beautiful, beautiful colour that stands out from a distance.


It is also extremely glittery and very hard to get off. I think I used about two cotton pads per nail to get the polish off, and even then there were glitter flecks left on my nail.

But back to the polish – It goes on easily but to build it up to opacity, around 3-4 coats are needed. In the pic above, I had on four coats, waiting 10 minutes in between for it to dry and topping it off with the Butter London clear topcoat. Hope this review has been informative. Butter London is one of my fave nail polish brands (much, much better than OPI and Essie) but so hard to find in Melbourne, Australia! For those who are interested, I have found the following places that stock this brand in our beloved city:


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