7 day beauty challenge

Recently, my makeup routine has gotten just a little boring – because I’ve been hurrying to get to work early, I’ve cut my morning routine down to 15 minutes (from 30 minutes, which is saying something). I don’t have a lot of time to experiment with smokey eyes and bright lips etc, so I usually keep it simple and natural. This means a neutral eyeshadow colour, no lipstick, sheer foundation and some blush.

So what better way to amp up my routine than to set myself a beauty challenge? This is partly inspired by the 30 day beauty challenges on Instagram I saw a lot of last year.

I even wrote down the 7 different looks I hope to achieve, and I’ll be posting them on my blog each day, beginning 25 March.

If you’re reading this post and feel inspired, please join in too!! Leave me a comment if you are, because a challenge is more fun when more people are involved :)



One thought on “7 day beauty challenge

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