Review: Jouer Cosmetics

Finally, my Jouer Cosmetics delivery is here! It’s a relatively niche brand in my opinion that has only recently become semi-mainstream. I first heard of the brand when Lisa Eldridge used it in a few of her videos and from then on I was seeing the brand everywhere online! Their most popular product is the Luminizing Moisture Tint, which I picked up in a couple of sample tubes (I’m generally wary about colour matching myself online so I don’t tend to purchase face products).

I bought:

  • Mini Luminizing Moisture Tint in Golden, US$20 for 4 tubes
  • Blushing Beauty Collection, US$58 for: Sheer Matte Touch Powder & Bronzer Duo, Chocolat and Peach Eyeshadow Duo, Whisper Tint and Feather Highlighter Duo, and Cherish Lip Gloss
  • Mineral powder blush in Peach Bouquet

Anyway, read on for the haul/mini-review!
Jouer cosmetics

According to Jouer’s website:

Your makeup drawer is your beauty wardrobe. Tucked inside are a few key items you use every day that are effortlessly flattering, yet there are countless other whimsical items hardly ever touched. Imagine a complete cosmetics line designed with only key items – no matter your selection, you discover just the right shades, in just the right formulations, in just the right packaging.”

I love the idea of having a capsule makeup collection, but the reality is that someone as obsessed with makeup as I am can’t possibly stick to just a few products. I love collecting and trying out everything! Nevertheless, it’s a handy travel kit for when I’m in a rush.

I simply love the blush in Peach Bouquet – it’s the perfect peachy flush for my skin tone and looks really natural, yet brightens up my face. My only gripe would be it’s staying power as it only lasts around 3-4 hours when layered over a liquid foundation.

As for the Luminizing Moisture Tint, I got the shade Golden, which is a tad too dark for my skin. I think I would have preferred the shade in Glow. Also, it doesn’t last long at all – 4 hours max I would say.

No matter, I’m sure I will be able to mix it with a lighter foundation to make it work. Otherwise the texture is pretty good, reminds me of Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in the sense it contains a lot of micro-glitter particles. It’s pretty obvious close up but not too bad from 2-3 metres away. It is also a handy travel tube – if a pea-sized amount was used every day it would probably last a month.

Next, the Sheer Matte Powder & Bronzer Duo. It’s certainly very compact and convenient but I don’t feel it gives much coverage at all. The bronzer is way too light for my skin and the pressed powder is virtually undetectable – I don’t think it even really mattifies the t-zone! I would recommend using a powder puff/sponge with this one, swiped quite strongly across the compact, for it to show up.

The Chocolat and Peach Eyeshadow though, is excellent! Beautiful satin-finish and good pigmentation (though not as good as Lancome or MAC eyeshadow pigmentation). The colours are great for bridal – the peach all over the lid and chocolat in the crease. For me, the peach shade is similar to my skin tone so it only provides a hint of colour and a soft sheen; while the chocolat shade is a very flattering medium brown with gold shimmer. It’s really handy for travel as it’s so small, and I’m pretty happy with this buy!

The Whisper Tint and Feather Highlighter Duo is not a bad product too, although it’s not the best cream blush or highlighter I’ve tried. Firstly, they can be slightly oily when applied, and not very pigmented. I think the effect Jouer’s going for is that natural/subtle no-makeup makeup look which I can appreciate, but having so many highlighters in my collection already I can say that it’s not going to be my go-to. Neither the tint nor highlighter last particularly long (around 3 hours I think).

Lastly, the Cherish lip gloss – I accidentally left it out of the photos but there are pictures on the Jouer website. It’s a great, non-sticky lipgloss that is a peachy pink (similar to Orange Blossom blush) with gold flecks. It goes on easily and blurs any lip imperfections. It feels rather comfortable on the lips, though not to the level of comfort with Revlon Lip Butters or Clarins Lip Perfector. Also the cap is rather bulky as it’s square shaped, but that’s personal preference as I like slim, slightly rounded caps.

Overall, I like Jouer as it’s great for travel, looks really cute and the pigmentation/quality isn’t too bad. However, it’s not my go-to brand in the same way Lancome, Chanel, Urban Decay, MAC or Bobbi Brown are. My main gripe isn’t the pigmentation, it’s the staying power – 3-4 hours these days is nothing in the makeup world!


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