Review: Zuca Pro Artist Case

I recently purchased the Zuca Pro Artist Case in black from Inglot for $360 (free shipping) to cart around my extensive makeup collection for when I do freelancing. It’s probably the most expensive makeup-related item that I own, but I’m thinking of it as an investment. I’ve read a number of good things about Zuca and it will probably last me for a long time. It was between Zuca and Tas Merah, who also specialises in soft makeup rolling cases, but was more expensive than Zuca – around $450 I believe!

Here are a couple of pictures of my new bag! It has ‘Inglot’ stitched on the front, which I don’t really like but I guess it can’t be helped.

IMG_3862 IMG_3865

It is basically a silver aluminium frame with two wheels, that Zuca claims was “inspired by aerospace technology”, with a canvas/polyester type soft case within the frame. I love that the top of the bag doubles up as a seat and can apparently hold around 100 kg. It also has a pull-up handle like a regular suitcase would to roll the suitcase around, and comes with a rain cover to keep the case protected. The rain cover has a few extra compartments, although they are pretty small.

The case holds a lot of stuff – read on to see what’s inside!


Here’s the back of the case. There’s a slot for you to put your name cards in there, which I thought was cute :) There’s also another slot on the rain cover it comes with for your cards.

It comes with 5 clear soft cases made out of the same polyester material and a clear soft plastic material. The cases are meant to be stacked up inside (which resembles a black hole as you can see from this picture). The ‘door’ also has additional storage – around 4 deep pockets I believe, with elasticised bands to hold brushes or canisters. I use it to store false eyelashes.

Here’s what I’ve filled my cases with:



IMG_3871 IMG_3872IMG_3874IMG_3875

I separated out my collection into foundation, blush/powder/highlighter, eyes, lips and skin care/concealer/primer. Here is a photo of the filled case – how cool does it look?? I stacked extra palettes and my brush roll on top of the 5 clear cases and everything fit perfectly :)



5 thoughts on “Review: Zuca Pro Artist Case

    • It’s great for organisation but I only use it when I’m freelancing. Lol it’s too hard to keep going to grab stuff from my case to do my own makeup on a daily basis :) It’s a great investment though!

    • Thanks for commenting! The case is absolutely amazing, I still use it on photoshoots and bridal makeup appointments and it’s still really great quality. It’s like a magic box really – no matter how much I fill it up it still has space! :)

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