Review: Tom Ford eyeshadow quad in Cognac Sable

Today I’m going to review the Tom Ford eyeshadow quad in Cognac Sable, retailing for AU$100 at David Jones. I know, ouch! But you will soon see that these quads are worth every penny – especially if you consider that each eyeshadow is $25 each – and then the price becomes more reasonable.

First impressions?  Luxe packaging. It’s almost reverent, the way the shiny brown lacquered case slides out of the suede pouch, revealing the gold edging where the words ‘Tom Ford’ is stamped. The top lifts up gently and when closed, snaps silently (and magnetically).


The review for the Chanel lipstick is here.


IMG_3769 IMG_3770 IMG_3772 IMG_3774IMG_3775

The compact is fairly large and weighty (think slightly larger than an iPhone but lighter). In my opinion it’s not suited for travel as I like to travel really light, although others may not mind. It is, however, an item to be proudly displayed on the dresser amongst other luxe products. I know I’ll certainly be doing that once I figure out my dresser configuration.

It comes with two double-ended applicators – one has a fatter sponge tip and a pointed sponge tip, and the other one has a fat sponge tip and a natural brush tip (the hair is similar to TF’s powder/blush brush range). The mirror is also surprisingly large, which I like.

IMG_3777 IMG_3779

Now, the eyeshadows. All four colours are on the warm side and have a shimmery satin finish to them except the top right, which has a glittery, more frosted sheen to it. It’s also more pigmented than the other three.


When swatched, the colours don’t look particularly pigmented but in the direct sunlight on the eyelid, they certainly stand out. All four colours aren’t as pigmented as, say, Urban Decay shadows, and are more comparable to Lancome or Chanel eyeshadow textures/finishes.

The beige shade is extremely easy to apply as it goes on sheer, it’s a great everyday “no makeup makeup” shade. It’s also a good highlighter for my skin tone as it doesn’t give off a yellowy sheen.

The coppery shade is my favourite by far (that’s why I bought it) and has distinct reddish tones. It’s great on its own, or on top of matte eyeshadows to add some sparkle. I think it’s a pretty unique shade as I don’t have anything like it in my collection. I have similar colours but not those with such sparkle.

The medium brown shade is a pretty common colour in my opinion and there should be plenty of dupes for it (I know MAC has a few). I would be nice all over the lid for an everyday look or in the crease.

Lastly, the dark brown colour has grey/purple undertones and is perfect as an eyeliner or smokey eye shade. It’s unique to my collection but I’m pretty sure MAC has a few dupes too.

Overall… I think Cognac Sable is extremely wearable if you have warm-toned skin, but cool-toned complexions could also wear it if they used the copper shade sparingly. I love the finish but wish the beige and medium brown were more pigmented. It’s not my go-to quad for super natural eyes (Lancome would be my pick in this case) but Cognac Sable does add a touch of glamour to a neutral look.

Here are a few pictures of how the quad shows up on my eyes:

IMG_3826 IMG_3825

IMG_3839 IMG_3838

I paired it with a black gel pencil eyeliner from the Face Shop on the upper and lower lashlines. I also used the beige as a browbone highlight.

IMG_3861 IMG_3859

Hope you guys liked this review! Has anyone tried the other TF quads?? I really like them and might purchase a few more :)

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