Chanel makeup geographic variations

Ever wondered why you can get Chanel products in some countries but can’t find it in others? Or why one shade has two different names, depending on where you are in the world? Or perhaps you’ve fallen in love (online) with a limited edition release only to find out it’s not available at your local department store?

The reason is because Chanel has different products for different markets. Some obvious ones – in November, the Nordstrom on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile had a limited edition full travel brush set for around $150, which I stupidly declined to buy at the time. Of course, I now regret this deeply – I can’t find it for sale on the Internet at all!  Another one is my Joues Contraste (JC) in Ultra Rose, which is an Asian/Australian only edition :)

On some makeup products, it says ‘Made in USA’ while on others it says ‘Made in France’. Those that I have purchased in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia all say ‘Made in France’.

Beauty Look Book and Sweet Makeup Temptations talk about the geographical differences in more detail. According to Beauty Look Book, the Asia/Europe versions of JC are more powdery and sheerer. I haven’t had any problem with the formula so far though. I just love it! I think they go on smoothly with just a touch of crumble in the pan when my brush touches it and same goes for their  eyeshadow quads. However, I’ll agree they go on sheerer, which I don’t mind because I don’t have to be so careful with applying blush/eyeshadow.

The verdict of most beauty bloggers is, however, that the US versions of makeup go on much more pigmented and silkier. Not fair!!! I haven’t experienced any US releases of eyeshadows nor blush so I can’t comment, but I’m sure if I already find my existing ones good, then the US versions should blow my mind ;)


Above: JC in Ultra Rose and Eyeshadow Quad in Eclosion


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