Tutorial Thursday: How to make blush last longer

This is typically how I want to make my blush last longer in terms of colour and vibrancy, especially if I know I won’t be able to touch up during the day. I don’t do this for work simply because it adds extra steps to my routine (I just stick with powder) but I do use this if I’m overseas on holiday or if I know I’ll be going out later that evening.


Read on to see the steps :)


1. Starting with a bare face, I applied foundation so there is a nice smooth base for the blush to sit on. Here I used Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation in 53. I only did one side of my face, btw.


2. I blended e.l.f lipstick in Classy all over my cheek with a light touch as I didn’t want to rub away the foundation. A gentle patting motion ensures that the colour is subtly blended for a lit-from-within hue. I prefer cream blush, though, as it has more staying power.


3. I lightly powdered my cheek with Chanel pressed powder (universelle poudre) in 50 Peche. This ensures that the powder blush put on later goes on smoothly and doesn’t ‘stick’ to the cream/lipstick blush and avoids blotchiness. However, I still wanted my cheeks to have a dewy sheen so I only pressed on powder to the apples of the cheek and not my cheekbone.


4. I swept a blush in a similar shade (or you could go a few shades brighter) onto the cheeks where I had applied the lipstick, using a blush brush. I chose the peachy shade in the Haute Jersey palette by NYX (bottom right).

IMG_3749 IMG_3745

5. That’s it! I went ahead and did some basic eye makeup with brown shadow just to provide some definition, but you could skip that part. Bear in mind that in the above pictures, only my left cheek was ‘blushed’. The right cheek is my natural flush. Hope you liked this mini-tutorial.

Are there any other makeup looks/tips you’d like to see? Let me know!


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