Inspiration Tuesday: Tea party

I’ve always wanted to create my own makeup line and plan different collections for it, but obviously that’s easier said than done. So I thought, I could make up imaginary collections on my blog, inspired by beautiful images of everyday items.

This is where today’s post comes from – a delectably sweet Spring 2013 collection inspired by pastel-tinged tea parties, a decadent hour of crumbly almond macarons, Earl Grey in delicate porcelain cups and tiny cupcakes on polished stands.

Tea party makeup


Bobbi Brown Cosmetics , 47 AUD / Christian Dior , 61 AUD / Stila , 17 AUD / Lancôme lip makeup, 17 AUD / Revlon , 20 AUD / Givenchy perfume, 64 AUD



Swatches from free color swatch generator

If I were to name the products? (Just for fun)

Single eye shadow – Peppermint Tea (E5F8CD)

Single eye shadow – Biscuit (FBECC4)

Single eye shadow – Earl Grey (D9CEBD)

Moisturising lip tint – Orangeade (FED3A9)

Moisturising lip tint – Raspberry tea cake (FCBBB6)

Lipstick – Rosewater (FEE8F7)



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