My New Year’s Resolutions

With people around me making New Year’s Resolutions left, right and centre, I decided it was time for me to do the same and list down my top five beauty goals to achieve this year. After all, I’m more likely to follow through when it’s written down nicely (and convincingly). In order of priority (1 being the most important and 5 being the least), this year, I vow to..

5. Wear a smoky eye or bold lip colour more often – In 2012, I kept my makeup pretty natural and simple, with the focus being flawless skin more than anything else. This year, I’ll try to experiment more with lip and eye looks at least once a month!

4. Put more effort into treating my skin redness – Towards the back half of last year, my cheeks became slightly more blotchy and uneven than usual, but I still haven’t taken any measures to treat it! The most I’ve done is slather on some foundation to cover the redness, but ideally I’d like to go out without any foundation on. I might try Estee Lauder’s Idealist Even Skintone Illuminating serum, what do you guys think?

3. Regularly get my eyebrows shaped – I admit, I can be rather lazy with grooming my eyebrows and often pluck them myself. Of course, I never do as good of a job as the Benefit Brow Bar ladies so I vow to pay them a visit every 3 months (instead of twice a year as I do now! I know, shocker).

2. Take better care of my chapped lips – I resolve to wear lip balm more often, exfoliate once a week, wear moisturising lipstick and avoid licking my lips :) 

1. Most importantly, I vow to wear sunscreen every day – I admit to not wearing sunscreen everyday, but where I live, it’s practically an essential to wear SPF on the body and face. It’s definitely worth the extra 5 minutes to put some on, so I really don’t have any excuses!


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