Gift giving guide: for the makeup newbie

Buying makeup and beauty products as a gift can be difficult, particularly if you don’t know the person too well and aren’t sure what colours and brands they use. That’s why I’m putting together a gift guide (mainly beauty products!) according to the type of makeup wearer they are, as well as as suggested gifts for family and friends.

For the makeup newbie

This is for the girl who a) doesn’t wear makeup but wants to try it out, b) wears only a little makeup, or c) is getting into the world of makeup but doesn’t know where to start. The below suggested ideas are also good for teenagers discovering makeup.

Gift giving guide - makeup newbie

Laura Mercier travel makeup brush, 91 AUD / Blush, 5.76 AUD / Chanel eyeshadow, 62 AUD / Stila makeup, 24 AUD / By Terry lip makeup, 42 AUD / Stila lip makeup, 24 AUD / Gift sets kit, 60 AUD / Gift sets kit, 19 AUD / 9′ Christmas Tree – White, 475 AUD

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