This week’s beauty news

From around the globe (and in Australia), I round up some of the week’s most interesting news…

1. Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel no. 5

And in this ad here, he doesn’t even show his face to the camera! But as Chanel confirmed, he has joined the ranks of Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Tatou in representing the luxury brand. But why? Will his face pasted on the ads of the iconic perfume compel women to actually buy it (given that it’s not a male fragrance)? According to, Brad’s an icon – even if it’s a little weird to have him serve brand ambassador duties for a woman’s perfume.

2. David Jones now stocks The Balm

When I wandered into DJ’s Myer Melbourne store the other day, which I rarely do to be honest, I was surprised to see a small stand of The Balm cosmetics. The friend I was with, who frequents DJ’s more often than I do, said it was new. I am a big fan of the brand, having purchased a bagful of their products on OzSale the month prior. Despite this, prices at DJ’s are pretty reasonable – their Nude Tude eye palette is $47 I believe. The range is also fairly wide (it incorporates skin care as well). Ninemsn elaborates on the brand’s Australian debut.

3. Kate Bosworth is SKII ambassador

In addition to the ageless Cate Blanchett, SKII has now recruited another blonde – Kate Bosworth! She’s in Sydney this week and will make appearance in Sydney Myer – more here. Bella Sugar also interviewed Kate, who mentioned her love of the brand Fresh, which is also one of my favourite brands for lip balms and cleansers.

Hope you guys enjoyed my take on beauty news – I’ll try to make this a weekly thing!


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