New brushes ordered

I’ve just placed an order for a new set of makeup brushes! They are the Synthetic Essential Kit (10 brushes) from Sigma Beauty, consisting of ten brushes for the face and eyes.

They cost US$119, and with a 10% discount applied and shipping factored in, it came to $124. I went with the cheapest shipping option available, the USPS First Class, (about $17) which has no insurance.

In case you’re interested, the discount code is SB2012 (valid for September 2012).

The last time I ordered them, they arrived three months later as I think they were lost en route to Australia. I believe the standard shipping time is anywhere from 3-8 weeks? Here’s hoping that I won’t have to wait too long this time!

All the Sigma brushes I own are fantastic quality. The only gripe would be that the duo-fibre brush does shed hairs when applying liquids or creams on the face. But all other brushes are amazing and I’ve had them for nearly two years! Especially the flat top Kabuki brush (6th from left in the picture below) – really gives that HD effect.

I will do a review once I receive them!

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