“No makeup” makeup look

 Everyone wants to get that natural, “no makeup” look, but very few can actually pull that off wearing no makeup at all. Most of us need a little concealing, a little highlighting and some definition to get our faces looking perfectly natural.

Here’s how I get my “no makeup” makeup look.

1. Wake up.

2. Moisturise – a fairly thick formulation in the winter and a lighter, gel-like one in the summer

3. Squeeze a little concealer onto my finger and pat it into my under-eye circles with my fingers to warm up the product, which gives a more natural application. Usually a bisque coloured concealer will eliminate most dark circles, but if yours are purplish in colour you may need a yellow toned corrector.

4. Dab more concealer onto small blemishes with my finger. Steps 3 and 4 are essential to create a flawless, healthy look.

5. Mix a little moisturiser with foundation to get a tinted moisturiser. Alternatively, you can just use store-bought tinted moisturiser. This will even out your skin tone, but not make it seem as if you’re wearing a thick layer of foundation. I use either my fingers or a stippling brush.

6. Rub some cream blush onto the apples of my cheeks with my fingers again. One of my newest favourite products is MAC Cream Colour in Bamboo. The sheer peach-brown colour is ideal for this look. Blush will add colour into your face, but the creamy consistency means that it goes on sheer.

7. Dab some highlighting cream onto the tops of my cheekbones, under the brow bone and cupid’s bow. I like using DuWop Doubleglow 7 or YSL Touche Eclat in a shade lighter than my skin tone. This will bring a ‘lit from within’ glow to your face.

8. Fill in my brows with a matching shade, just enough to fill in the gaps but not defining the brow too much.

9. Curl my eyelashes and add a few coats of mascara – a really natural option is Maybelline Full N’ Soft.

10. I also like to run a dark brown eyeliner pencil closely along my upper lashline, then diffusing the line out with an angled eyeliner brush. It won’t look like you’re wearing eyeliner but still provides subtle definition.

11. Add a coat of tinted lip balm.

And that’s it! It’s relatively easy to create a “no makeup” look – it’s really all about perfecting the skin and adding some natural colour into your face. No strong brows, no heavy eyeliner and certainly no bright lips – they look great but aren’t suitable for this type of look.

The “no makeup” look is perfect for low-key days when you want to show your face to the public but don’t want to look overly tired or worn out. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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