Lust Have It! August box review

Beauty subscription services are fast becoming popular in Australia, and with good reason – they give you a chance to try new products without forking out for a full-sized version. For anyone unfamiliar with this new trend, it’s really a goody bag with 5-8 sample beauty products delivered to your doorstep – or in my case, to work – each month.

It’s perfect for beauty addicts like myself because a) it’s a nice little surprise each month, and b) it prevents me from going out and spending money on makeup. While there are a variety of companies that supply these boxes, I’ve opted to sign up with Lust Have It ($14.95/month).

To be honest, the products haven’t been the most exciting – I was expecting higher end brands – so I might cancel and go for another one. Beauty Box and Beauty Basket are some other options…

Today, I’m reviewing this month’s Lust Have It box, which actually came last week but I didn’t get a chance to write up a review until now.

It came in a white cardboard box (quite flimsy) tied with a black ribbon. It looked different from their normal packaging, which used to be an unattractive polyester zip-up bag in various colours (I have orange, blue, pink).

 The contents  were:

Marc Jacobs Dot perfume

Tan Go tan removal cloth

TIGI Rockaholic Rock Out Shine Blaster serum

Appelles Body Booster Skin Lotion in Wild Berry

Appelles Skin Detox Shower Gel in Wild Berry

Appelles Body Bar Pure Vegetable

Model Co black eyeliner

First thoughts:

  • Marc Jacobs Dot perfume – The smell is okay, not too fruity and not too spicy. Just somewhere in the middle, really, and is a scent I would probably not buy because it doesn’t appear to be all that special. The size is tiny (30 ml) and would probably last about 8 sprays.
  • Tan Go tan removal cloth – What will I do with this?! I thought they would include a sample tanning lotion to use with the cloth, but there wasn’t any,  so now I’m left with the cloth… It’s microfibre so I guess it will do as a face cloth!
  • TIGI Rockaholic Rock Out Shine Blaster serum – I have used this a couple of times and while it does make my hair really soft and has an amazing smell, it also makes my strands (and hands) kind of oily. I wouldn’t repurchase but for those with frizzy, coarse hair it will probably work.
  • Appelles Body Booster Skin Lotion in Wild Berry – This lotion smells nice, like tropical fruit. It’s also really light and easily absorbed into the skin, and the size is great for my purse (like a large lip gloss size). However, it’s also not that moisturising… I wouldn’t buy the full size.
  • Appelles Skin Detox Shower Gel in Wild Berry – This smells similar to the body lotion but I haven’t actually used it, as I already have heaps of travel body wash. I gave this to my sister.
  • Appelles Body Bar Pure Vegetable – Haven’t used this either, but I really want to as it’s 100% vegies and I don’t have many soap bars. The packaging is really cute and it’s probably my favourite item in the box.
  • Model Co black eyeliner – Personally… I’m not a fan of Model Co as their stuff seems pretty cheap/chemical to me. The eyeliner looked OK in the packaging, I like it came with a sharpener on the cap. I didn’t see the colour but I presumed it would be a black kohl one. I can’t actually find this product on their website so I can’t really say much about the formula! I also gave this to my sister.

Overall opinion:

This month was a bit of a disappointment as the products weren’t very well thought out (giving a tan cloth without tanner??) and contained pretty low-end/drugstore products. When I initially signed up I thought I would be getting higher end brands such as Lancome, Laura Mercier, Jurlique and Clinque like they’ve advertised on their website.

However it’s been 3-4 months and I haven’t got any of those products. I mean I do have the perfume from Marc Jacobs but these perfume samples so tiny, are like the ones you get free with magazines or at Myer beauty counters anyway…. So to me, it doesn’t count.

I’d like to unsubscribe but at the same time I want next month’s to be better, so I’m holding out for the next 2 boxes and if they still disappoint I will definitely cancel the service.


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