Review: NYX Haute Jersey palette

Today I’m going to do my much delayed review of the NYX Haute Jersey leopard couture palette, kindly gifted by Crush Cosmetics. Read on for my review and swatches!

The palette comes in a gold cardboard packaging with leopard print all over it, and opens up to reveal a ‘book’ of sorts, with eyeshadow on the first ‘page’ and lipgloss, blush and bronzer on the second ‘page’. It’s a handy, cute little palette that is great for travelling as it’s really light, yet contains so many colours and products. They also managed to squeeze two mirrors in, which is pretty amazing as many palettes forget to put a mirror (or put a really tiny one in).

However I do have to say that it’s a little flimsy and if it’s not securely fastened by the button, it might cause a bit of a mess in your bag/suitcase.

The eyeshadows look really pigmented in the palette, and some of them are true to form when swatched. But some aren’t – you can see that the matte shadows (brown, pink, baby blue) don’t show up too well.

I find that NYX eyeshadows have different consistencies across their products. I have the 10 colour eyeshadow palette in Caviar and Champagne, which goes on really smoothly and the colours show up quite well.

Some of these eyeshadows are quite powdery and show up quite faint, especially when applied with a brush on the eyelid (I used my fingers for these swatches).┬áThe colour selection is pretty wide, though, and would be suitable for a range of eye looks. They also come in various formulations (glitter, shimmer, matte) so they’re more versatile.


I like the face section of the palette best, as the colours perfectly suit my skin tone (NC25 in MAC foundation) and for the most part go on sheer, so you don’t end up with a ton of makeup on your face.

Blush: Great colours! The first one is a medium pink with gold shimmers, reminiscent of NARS Orgasm blush (but not as good quality). The second is a peach blush with gold shimmers and reminds me a bit of Benefit Coralista. Both are great colours but the peach one goes on a little heavier than the pink.

Bronzer: I love that they included three shades for different skin tones – for a natural tan, I use a mixture of the top 2 shades. The third one, as you can see in the swatch (last one), is really quite dark. It is also quite glittery as compared to the subtle sheen of the first two. All three are great quality.

Lipgloss: The first two swatches are the lipglosses, which come in cute little tubes with doe-foot applicators. I prefer this to a pot of gloss in the palette as it’s not messy at all and easy to remove and take with you separately. The top colour is a peachy opaque shade that matches the peach blush and the bottom colour is a medium pink (less opaque) that matches the pink blush. Both are fairly thick and slightly sticky but that doesn’t bother me. They are extremely long wearing (I couldn’t even remove them with soap the first time).

Overall I like this palette, it’s a really good gift idea and something I’d take along on a weekend away or an overnight stay because it’s a) portable, b) light and c) wearable colours.

It retails for $39.95 at Crush Cosmetics.

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