Currently loving: dark red lips

I’m currently loving the look of dark red lips, particularly for winter. They’re also known as mulberry, dark cherry, maroon or wine-stained lips – whatever you want to call them, they always have the ability to make the wearer look mysterious yet chic at the same time.

I’ve been seeing this stunning colour on the Fall 2012 Rochas runway as well as on countless celebrities, and what I’ve noticed is that this colour goes with virtually any kind of eye makeup. As you can see below, the first look is from the Rochas show and looks much more edgy and artsy than the second, which is of Michelle Tratchenberg. This dark colour can really be worn with barely there eye makeup or with a more smoky look for night time, depending on your preference.

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Another reason why I love this lip colour is because it’s not as daring as bright red lips and requires much less confidence to rock. The only downside is that it requires regular reapplication and can deter more conservative women.

So, how can you wear this shade without feeling too goth? Here are a couple of quick tips.

1. Don’t go too dark

Going cherry doesn’t mean you have to buy the darkest shade out there, as this may mean it’s not as work or weekend appropriate. If you’re porcelain pale like Michelle above, pick a lighter hue with blue-undertones such as berry or plum; and if you’re more tanned, try to look for a shade that’s orange-based such as dark brick red.

Fair skin:

Tanned skin:

Asian skin:

Dark skin:

See how different skin tones can rock dark lips? :)

2. Sheer it out

If you still feel unsure of what shade suits your skin tone, try making an existing dark lippie more sheer by applying it with your fingertips. Make sure to prep your lips with lip balm before using your fingertips to dab lipstick straight from the tube onto your lips. This way, the colour goes on more natural than if you apply it from the tube.

Alternatives include a dark red lip balm or dark red lipgloss. Try Revlon’s Lip Butter in Red Velvet or Tarte Lip Stain (below)

3. Add some blush

Because you’re wearing such as strong lip colour, you may have the tendency to look pale or washed out. A quick tip to add some colour into your face is to wear a subtle shade of blush. Make sure you don’t layer the blush on too heavily, or your makeup can look too heavy and theatrical.

Using a light touch, load some light pink or light plum/berry colour onto a small blush brush and sweep it over your cheeks, concentrating on the outer part of your face where your cheekbones are. Putting blush directly on the centre of your cheeks may look too obvious.

Lastly, take a quick pic of your face to make sure all the colours work together. For first timers, I’d suggest that you skip heavy eye makeup and just go with some mascara plus the blush I mentioned above.

If any of my readers have tried this look out, please let me know! What eye makeup have you tried it with?

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