Favourite eye palettes

I was walking by Kit Cosmetics today on a window shopping trip (money is tight at the moment) and saw the new eyeshadow palette from Smashbox, the Shades of Fame palette. I saw EmilyNoel83 talk about this on youtube, so I went to have a closer look… It’s amazing!

I’m not the biggest fan of Smashbox’s products, in fact their eyeshadow trios are a little dusty and not very pigmented, so I was surprised when I tested out the Shades of Fame colours – it’s like they changed their formulation or something.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you my five fave eyeshadow palettes, since we’re on the topic – I’m definitely including this Smashbox one! I only have one thing to say about the prices of these palettes in Australia – they are OUTRAGEOUS, given the dollar is so strong!!!

In no particular order…

1. Smashbox Shades of Fame, $64.95, Kit Cosmetics

Image from Smashbox Cosmetics

Despite not having actually purchased this palette, I can already tell it’ll be one of my favourites because of the beautiful pigmentation of all the shadows. Unlike their previous formulations, these glide on easily and the colour selection is fresh and on-trend without being unwearable. Pacific, the brightest colour in the palette, can be worn as a ‘pop’ shade on the lower lashline. My favourite colours, though, are Praline and Sherbert.

I also like it because it comes with two cream shadows or liners, which are nice complementary colours and saves you some time when it comes to doing your makeup. Previous experience with Smashbox liners has informed me that they have great staying power, too. The only thing I would be concerned about is that they might dry out over time as they don’t have any lid or covering over the top.

Other cons? I’m not crazy about cover images of photographers and models, either.

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette, Beautybay.com, $57.50

Of course, like any other blogger out there, the Naked palette makes my top five. Since they no longer stock UD in Australia, I had to purchase mine from a UK site.

You can read my review here, but in a nutshell: it is one of the best colour selections and pigmentation I’ve ever seen in an eyeshadow palette, but it’s really natural as well. Great for bridal makeup!

Loved it so much I bought two!

3. bare minerals READY eyeshadow 4.0 in The Truth, Kit Cosmetics, $39.95

Image from gorgeousshop.co.uk

If I were to go on holiday and were only allowed one eyeshadow palette, I would take this along. It’s compact, not too heavy, and can take me from day to night, that’s why! The shade Magnetism (top right), in particular, is so pretty, and perfect for everyday use. In fact, that’s the shade I use the most on an everyday basis, with Serendipitous (top left) in the inner corner and browbone.

Again, pigmentation is excellent (that’s a must-have for my eyeshadows) and while it doesn’t wear as long as the Naked palette, it stays on for a reasonable length of time, goes on really smoothly and blends well. I like it also because it contains ingredients like borage oil, cucumber, caffeine etc – and I like to know that my eyeshadow can double up as skin care at the same time! While there is some fallout (because it’s really mineral powder made into pressed format), it doesn’t really bother me.

4. Lancome travel palette (limited edition), Singapore Changi Airport, $65

[Picture and exact name coming soon… I’m not at home at the moment so I can’t check!]

I know I said that the bare minerals READY palette would be by no.1 choice for travel, but this Lancome palette would be my choice for an all-in-one makeup palette (eyes + face + lips). It’s an Asian limited edition, purchased in the airport en route to Melbourne in January this year. It’s really lightweight, looks really posh and is amazing quality.

The slim case is black and glossy and inside are four eyeshadows (ivory, pink, taupe and brown) that are really soft to the touch. Not as pigmented as the other eyeshadows I’ve just mentioned; when worn they are really subtle but gives a more natural look. It also comes with a rose pink blush which is perfect for my skin tone and two lip colours (one a berry lipstick and one a sparkly pink lipgloss). Everything applies well and gives an overall very natural look! Simply love this!

5. NYX 10 colour eyeshadow palette in Caviar and Bubbles, Groove Cosmetics, $14.95

Can you tell I love neutrals? :)

This is another one of my faves, this time a budget friendly pick! I love NYX eyeshadows because they’re usually really silky and stay for a good five hours, although they aren’t as pigmented as my other higher end shadows. The price is pretty good though, so I’m satisfied!




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