Revlon lip butters

This is my first post using the WordPress app for Iphone, and I’ve got to say it’s really easy + nifty!

Anyway on to the actual post- thought I may share a quick review on the Revlon lip butters everyone in the beauty blogging world has gone crazy over!

My dad was so kind to grab these for me in Singapore, even thought he got two of the same shades (brown sugar I think it was). I only noticed it in Australian stores 2 weeks ago for an inflated price (as usual).

Mini review:
First up, Great pigmentation, for a gloss balm like product! It feels like a balm but looks like a lippie/gloss combo on the lips, because the colours show up so well. My favourite is sugar plum because berry colours really suit my skin tone, plus it’s natural enough to wear everyday. The brighter shades aren’t as wearable but are gorgeous as well.

Overall I like this product although in Australia, the price is ridiculous- it’s about $21 while in the US it is about six dollars. Hope you liked this review!


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