What’s in my bag?

Despite my love of makeup, I don’t actually carry much of it around on a day-to-day basis. In fact, I don’t do any touch ups during the day except for a quick powder on my t-zone every couple of hours. As much as I like the thought of carting around a makeup brush set and travel sized creams and so on, as depicted in magazines, the weight is much to heavy for my poor shoulder to bear.

But anyway, on to the actual post. My bag is a Kate Spade New York Dungarees Denim baby bag – yep, you heard right, a baby bag! My boyfriend bought it for me two years ago without knowing it was a baby bag! I really like it though because it’s incredibly roomy and has so many pockets, plus the interior is wipe-clean. It also came with a baby mat, which I’m not sure what to do with so it’s sitting at the back of my cupboard.

It’s made out of denim, has leather straps and a big denim bow on one of the straps.

kate spade bag

Inside the bag:

Wallet – Mimco black patent leather. This is about 2.5 years old and cost more than I was willing to spend when I bought it – I was only 21 years old after all! But it’s a really good investment and the exterior still looks as shiny and unscratched as the day I bought it. It contains credit/debit cards, gift vouchers, driver’s licence, cash, coffee cards and so on. The usual stuff any other person would have.

Kindle Touch – My boyfriend also bought this for me off Amazon for my birthday last year. It has a plum-coloured lighted leather case (meaning that you can read at night off a flip up light that draws battery from the Kindle). The case is pretty scratched up already and I’m considering getting a case for the case! I blame my keys and my fingernails…
I carry this everywhere with me in case I’m bored, especially during my commute to work.

Glasses – I wear contacts but in case they get too try, I have my Tommy HIilfiger glasses, which have black frames and are quite chic. I keep them in the blue glasses case with stripes.

Makeup/extras bag – The colourful, strawberry-print bag is a gift from my mom from Japan. It contains a Maybelline baby lips lipbalm, a bare minerals retractable powder brush, disposable eye drops, a clear case with hair ties and pins in it, Q-tips, panadol, USB drive, mini nail clippers, a lipstick (currently an e.l.f one) and a black eyeliner (currently L’Oreal HIP).
I sometimes keep my Chanel pressed powder compact in here but for convenience, I usually leave it in my bag.

iPhone: Not pictured, as I took the picture with it, but it’s pretty self explanatory!

Other misc things: swipe card for work, earphones, keys, fruit bar. Sometimes I’ll add a scarf of cardigan if it’s cold, and sometimes I carry my digital camera around (but rarely since I use instagram).

So I guess this about sums up my everyday life! It was fun doing this post and I hope to do more tags in the future!


One thought on “What’s in my bag?

  1. I love how you write: Spirited, lively, and never dull :) I would “like” your posts but I’m not a member of WordPress unfortunately! Nevertheless, keep it up! XX

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