Review: Time to get Naked…

What: Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, $55 from Beauty
Rating: 4/5

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Urban Decay’s Naked Palette is unfortunately not stocked in Australia, and Urban Decay does not ship here, so it was months and months before I could get my hands on the infamous youtube staple. But finally I received my palette about two weeks ago and must say it has definitely lived up to the hype + expectations.

The pigmentation was excellent, just like UD’s other eyeshadows (I have the sustainable eco palette), particularly the shade Half-Baked, which gives a simply beautiful gilded look on the eyelids. I have sampled all the shades so far and must say the matte shades, while not my favourite, are useful for filling in brows. I don’t use them to fill my brows though because the colours are too light. I don’t really use Naked and Buck all that much on my eyes, either.

My favourite shades are: Sidecar, Half-Baked, Toasted and Hustle- they are extremely wearable and complement my skin tone quite well. Half-Baked is more suited for darker/olive complexions though- on my lighter skin, less is definitely more.
It came with a synthetic flat eyeshadow brush, not the dual ended eyeliner I saw all over the blogosphere, but that’s okay- I think it works great applying eyeshadow AND eyeliner as well.

It also came with a travel size UD primer potion, which I’m already familiar with. The texture is quite light and sheer and unfortunately doesn’t make my eyeshadow last all day long. My eyelids are quite oily in the first place, and I find only an opaque creme base works on me. I also ordered an eyeliner with this, the UD 24-7 eyeliner pencil in Crash. It is a purple-plum colour that actually comes out more brown on the eyes. Very pretty, pigmented colour that just glides on… I love it! It also doesn’t smear and is WATERPROOF. Amazing stuff.

Overall, the palette is great value for money, with 12 wonderful shades that can be used for all skin tones. So glad there aren’t any super chunky glittery shades in this palette like in the Sustainable eco palette (that one contains really glittery pink and blue shades that I’m not a big fan of).

I like the velvet packaging, but I do think UD could have done with more than a magnetised closure as the palette does tend to come open when placed in my bag. Maybe mine just has a weak magnet, I don’t know, but I like click-shut palettes better.

How to wear it:
For an everyday, neutral look, place the light to medium shades all over the eyelid up to the crease. You can use Virgin, Sin or Sidecar, which are all varying washes of pink. I like using the flat side of the eyeshadow brush, pressing the colour on the lid instead of sweeping it on to get more intense colours.

For night: Use the same technique as above, but with the darker shades such as Darkhorse, Hustle and Gunmetal. If you like, add a little bit of Creep onto the outer corners of the eye to define and glam up the eyes. I also use the edge of the brush to press Creep into the upper lashline, like an eyeliner.

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